Free as a bird.

We take our bird welfare seriously at farmlay. We think our eggs are the best you can buy, that's because we proactively ensure our birds are kept in the best conditions and therefore produce the best eggs.

State of the art technology constantly monitors the birds environment for air temperature and quality, feed and water consumption and even the birds weight right from day one! Information is passed over our farm network on a millisecond basis to ensure we've always got the most current view of our facilities.

When we're tucked up in our beds, the systems are still monitoring our egg production facilities and in the unlikely event of something not being quite right, we'll get a wakeup call to let us know (not from the hens of course, that would just be silly). We never stop, our state of the art systems can be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world... yes, even when we find time for a holiday!

We're also regularly audited by RSPCA Freedom Foods and the Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G) and have always been proud of our excellent audit results. We strive to maintain the best possible standards at all times.

a chicken roaming outdoors our fine eggs