All Fresh. All Good. All Egg.


Beautiful rolling farmland and blue skies

That’s Aberdeenshire and we’re committed to keeping it that way which is why here at farmlay eggs we are keen to invest in renewables technology to ensure we’re doing as much for our environment as possible.

In 2010, Farmlay embarked on a 1.2 million investment in an 800kWh wind turbine at our main egg production facility. On a windy day we power our entire production facility with green electricity and even have enough spare to supply to the grid. A further 330kw turbine was then added in 2016, this was in partnership with a local farmer keen to also improve his environmental credentials.

Our day-old chicks and all the heat requirement of our packing centre is kept cosy by Biomass fired boilers, these replaced oil and gas, we now have 5 boilers producing 2500kWh of toasty renewable heat.

In the past 3 years we have invested in 1000kWh of solar energy providing electricity to laying and rearing farms this is mostly used right where it is produced but also exported to the National grid when there is a surplus.

Our state of the art facilities are at the forefront of technology and are also geared towards the environment, well insulated and intelligent enough to know when “Natural” ventilation should be used.


Less CO2, more flexibility

Here at farmlay we run our own fleet of fully tracked delivery vehicles. Not only does this help us reduce food miles and C02 emissions, it also gives us more flexibility with our clients.

Live tracking allows us to keep our clients up to date on their deliveries as well as analyze our vehicle fuel efficiency, it also gives us more intelligence for smarter route planning.

In 2011 we took delivery of our first “Double Decker” trailer, this allows us to fit an impressive 16 pallets extra over a standard length articulated trailer. That’s 100,000 eggs getting a free ride every day!