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Farmlay takes a unique partnership approach to our relationship. We prioritise building strong partnerships with our producers, and we believe in working together collaboratively to achieve our goals. We have long-term relationships with our existing 26 producers many of whom have been with us for more than 15 years

What is the farmlay difference for producers?

We are an approachable team who are experts in our work, and we respond and rectify any problems quickly. We make sure to keep our egg producers up to date, and satisfied, and as a result, we consistently provide good returns on their eggs.

Our egg producers choose to work with us and stay with us for the long haul for several reasons, including the premium commercial terms we offer, our reliable and expert management of their investment, and our long-standing reputation in the industry.

Who we are?

A family-owned business producing Excellent Eggs in the heart of Aberdeenshire since 1946 

Sitting amidst fertile rolling farmland, enjoying glorious, clean and fresh air and some of the highest hours of sunshine in the country, we now produce and pack over 5.5 million of the highest quality eggs a week. 

We are financially stable and have plans to significantly grow over the next 5-10 years.

Our producers are mainly family-owned farms, often with other livestock, arable and other diverse farming interests, our audit teams carry out assessments of these farms to ensure that they meet our high standards

All of Scotland, we currently have producers form Nairn to Kinross but anywhere in Scotland.

Assistance with

  • Initial evaluation of land and associated planning
  • Best practice construction
  • Supply of Pullets or help with Pullet Rearing
  • On-going Husbandry

8 ha (20 acres).

This will normally be sown to grass and wildflower mixtures, and will require some trees and/or hedges for overhead cover.

This is likely to be around £50 per bird depending on existing facilities.

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Close at hand

Most of our external egg producers lie within 30 minutes of our home farm, this means we’re close by to keep an eye on things and lend a helping hand when required.

Not only are our producers audited by the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC), the RSPCA and the OF&G but they’re also audited regularly by us as well.

We see our producers as an extension of our own farm so they operate to the same strict standards as ourselves. We work closely with our producers to ensure we get the best eggs from the best hens.

We regularly support our producers by hosting a get together where our producers can spend an evening with industry experts to discuss any challenges they face and share information that everyone can benefit from.