All Fresh. All Good. All Egg.


We love tech here at farmlay.

That’s why we’ve invested in some pretty cool gadgets to make our lives easier and our hens lives healthier.

Our Big Dutchman accommodation facilities are state of the art, compromising real time monitoring and alerting that’s accessible anywhere in the world means that we can keep our finger on the pulse no matter where we are.

An online grading system is employed in our enriched colony units, this means our eggs travel up elevators and down a long conveyor, directly into our egg grader and are never touched by human hands. Cameras on each elevator count all of the eggs and use this data to balance the speed of collection (otherwise we’d have a pretty big omelette on our hands).

Our MOBA egg grader is also packed full of technology such as a vision system, a set of cameras that “look” at each egg under pulsing blue and red lights (not only does it look cool, it works really well too). A UV disinfection system using high power UV lighting, an advanced crack detection system that sees each and every egg examined for cracks 24 times and xenon light technologies to examine inside the egg for defects, all this at an amazing rate of 118,000 eggs an hour!